• There are scholarships available for students who play band instruments, piano, and who sing in the choirs, but none that are dedicated to students who play string instruments.

  • We have a long tradition of excellence in music education, composition, and performance of vocal, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, and guitar music. We need to build up our string program to be equal in stature. This is difficult to do without scholarships to offer talented young musicians.

  • Your investment in the String Program will help all other areas of the Music Department:

    - String students will perform with the choirs, opera, and other large ensembles.

    - String players will perform pieces written by composition students, who need to have live performances of their work.

    - Enhancing Strings means enhancing Chamber Music. This is the best way for all musicians to improve ensemble, intonation, and musicianship skills.

    - It is crucial for all music students to study and hear the wonderful and important body of orchestral and string chamber music written from the Middle Ages to the present.

    - A scholarship String Quartet will perform at University, Community, and area functions.


                                            To make a gift online, CLICK HERE.  

Please specify that your donation will go to the “Aileen Matthews String Scholarship”

Or, make checks payable to “ASU Foundation” and write “Aileen Matthews String Scholarship” in the memo line, lower left corner of the check.

Mailing address:

ASU Foundation

PO Box 1990

State University, AR 72467

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