Arkansas State University Department of Music Presents

The J. D. Kelly PIANO Competition 2020-2021

The J. D. Kelly STRING Competition,  2020-2021

(for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)

All Competitions will be via Video this year

DEADLINE November 1, 2020 for application and videos

This annual competition , honoring Dr. J. D. Kelly, Professor Emeritus, Arkansas State University, was held during the A-State Summer Piano Festival until 2014. It is now a separate event, and has been expanded to include Strings.


 J. D. Kelly Competition Results, Fall 2020

 Piano Level 1:  Grades 1-3

1st Place:  

  • Ryan Li, student of Warrick Wang and Raymond Chong ($50)
  • Ethan Tang, student of Naoki Hakutani ($50)

2nd Place:

  • Evelyn Ho, student of Mingyi Gao ($25)
  • Tianru Wu, student of Lei Cai ($25)

Honorable Mention:

  • Pericles Wang, student of Giovanni Antipolo
  • Ella Liu, student of Lei Cai


Piano Level 2:  Grades 4-6

1st Place:  

  • Yosef Tam, student of Naoki Hakutani ($75)
  • Michael Zhao, student of Mingyi Gao ($75)

2nd Place:

  • Anna Beth Bagley, student of Miguel Carballo and Raymond Chong ($50)
  • Jack Liu, student of Lei Cai ($50)

Honorable Mention:

  • Ella Liu, student of Yukiko Whitehead


Piano Level 3:  Grades 7-9

1st Place:

  • Oliver Zheng, student of Mingyi Gao ($150)

2nd Place:

  • Eric Tang, student of Naoki Hakutani ($100)


Piano Level 4:  Grades 10-12

1st Place:

  • Marissa Liu, student of Yukiko Whitehead ($200)

2nd Place:

  • Ann Gao, student of Naoki Hakutani ($150)
  • David Shu, student of Naoki Hakutani ($150)

Honorable Mention:

  • Holly Farrah, student of Lauren Schack Clark
  • Stephen Graham, student of Naoki Hakutani
  • Emily Ye, student of Naoki Hakutani


Piano Level 5:  Collegiate

1st Place:

  • Sean Yang, student of Amy Dorfman ($200)

2nd Place:

  • Juhyun Hwang, student of Wei Han Su ($150)


Strings Level 1:  Grades 1-3

1st Place:

  • Charles Yao ($50)


Strings Level 2:  Grades 4-6

1st Place:

  • Jack Liu ($75)

2nd Place:

  • Derek Tseng ($50)


Strings Level 3 and 4:  Grades 4-9

1st Place:

  • Andrew Su ($200)


Strings Level 5: Collegiate

1st Place:

  • Grace Clark ($200)


Many thanks to our Piano judges this year: 

  • Dr. J. D. Kelly (Levels 1, 4, 5), Professor Emeritus, Arkansas State University
  • Dr. Yi-Yang Chen (all Levels), East Tennessee State University
  • Dr. Jung-Won Shin (all Levels), Delta State University (Mississippi)
  • Dr. Lauren Schack Clark (Levels 2, 3), Arkansas State University 

 Many thanks to our String judges this year (all Levels):

  • Suren Petrosyan, Arkansas State University
  • Chi Young Song, Arkansas State University
  • Amanda Wilton, Freelance Violist and Teacher

We are grateful for this year’s generous competition sponsors:  Dr. J. D. Kelly, The Farrah Family, Mr. William Kazyak,Dr. Christopher Thompson, Music Teachers Association of the Delta (A Local Association of MTNA), Dr. Chi Young Song, Dr. Lauren Schack Clark




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