Keyboard Theory and Piano Technique by Lauren Schack Clark and Brian Henkelmann was originally intended for students in Keyboard Skills classes; in other words, college music majors whose main instrument is not the piano or organ. It was designed to give the student the technical skills necessary to pass a Piano Proficiency examination, and the practical application of theoretical knowledge to enhance their Theory and Aural Theory classes. However, it is also suitable for beginning through advanced pianists, both pre-college and adults, who are taking private lessons.

Many of the exercises are now available on Piano Marvel under "A-State Keyboard Skills," Levels 1-4.  Membership in this excellent subscription app is free for the first 30 days.

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By Lauren Schack Clark and Brian Henkelmann:

Book 1:  for Keyboard Skills 1

Book 2:  for Keyboard Skills 2

Book 3:  for Keyboard Skills 3

Book 4:  for Keyboard Skills 4

   By Lauren:

Book 5:  For College Freshman

Book 6:  For College Sophomores

Book 7:  For College Juniors

Book 8:  For College Seniors

Book 9:  For Graduate Students. 

   By Brian:

Book 10:  Pentascale Etudes

   By Lauren and Brian: 

Book 11:  the newest one!  For ASMTA Syllabus. 

Takes exercises from the other books that are pertinent to teaching the ASMTA Keyboard Syllabus.

The First Edition was published by Longbow Publishing. 

The Second Edition is self-published and available from Lauren Schack Clark.  Email her for more information about how to receive your PDF copy,


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