Dr. Christopher Thompson, an MTAD Past President, conducts a group at an Ensemble Concert

 The Music Teachers Association of the Delta is a Local Association affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)  and the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association (ASMTA).  






2017-2018  EVENTS

    ·       Dennis Hay is First Vice President of ASMTA!  Congratulations!  He will be the conference planner for the 2018 State Conference on June 1-2 at Arkansas State University.

    ·       Events for the coming school year:

    1.    February 18:  Sunday Sampler Concert. $5.00 per student of MTAD members, $10 per student of non-members.  Checks may be made out to “MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF THE DELTA.”  No registration form necessary: simply email Lauren Schack Clark by the deadline, February 1, with the students’ names and ages, and titles and composers of each piece.  Be sure to mail/bring checks to Lauren (A-State Music Dept., PO Box 779, State University, AR 72467) by February 1.  Students may play 1 longer or 2 shorter pieces. Held in Recital Hall, A-State Fine Arts Building, 2412 Quapaw, State University, AR.  

               3.      February 3:  J. D. Kelly Piano Competition.  

                     February 4: J. D. Kelly String Competition.  Click here for more  

                     information about both.  

                      Held in Riceland Hall, Arkansas State University.

                 4.  Lauren Schack Clark has been nominated for Director-Elect of the South                     Central Division of MTNA.  Members, Please vote in starting in February!

    OFFICERS FOR 2016-2018:

      President:  Lauren Schack Clark  lsclark@astate.edu  

      V.P.:  Dr. J. D. Kelly   jkelly@astate.edu

      Treasurer:  Lauren Schack Clark

      Secretary:  Brian Henkelmann  bhenkelmann@astate.edu



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